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Why is Minimalism Taking Off?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

There has been a movement taking off in website design in the last few years, ever since the internet and bandwidth have become more affordable, it’s called Minimalism. Minimalism is a term used in some circles to mean keeping things simple. Whether the project is a painting or photograph, artists know the term. Now that space is more affordable, Minimalism has spread to the website design world, with good reason. Keeping things simple on a webpage helps to avoid clutter and busyness, improve readability, and create a quality of attractiveness.
In regard to website design, Minimalism means using a simple page layout, a limited color palette, and not over using photos on a page. Also using implementations like Flash, audio, and video sparingly will help keep a website from becoming overwhelming.


With everything that is available to integrate into a website in today’s world, it is very important to use white space well! One principal to keep in mind when deciding to use a Minimalist philosophy for web building is, “Less is More”. One of the biggest mistakes made today is turning a website into a maze of words and pictures. Using white space will keep a page from becoming chaotic and busy.
Many websites that practice Minimalist designs will have a large central banner with text that will highlight the most important feature of their website, along with a large central photo. Often there will be top or side navigation and sometimes both, but these will not usually stand out or take away from the banner and photo. This is but one basic outline of a minimalist page, it can be done in many other ways.


Minimalism is taking off these days because, in a world where anything is available to put into a website, people are recognizing the need to preserve simple, elegant style on the web. Minimalism tries to bring the long practiced art tradition to the webpage and following in its path will allow a website to avoid clutter, improve readability, and gain an attractive edge.